1969 Dodge Charger Restomod

Prepare to be dazzled by the sheer power and beauty of the 1969 Dodge Charger Restomod! This remarkable creation is the perfect marriage of classic Mopar muscle and modern innovation, designed to leave you in awe.

A Classic Beauty Reimagined

This Charger Restomod is a true work of art, boasting a stunning black exterior that exudes elegance and sophistication. The white interior provides a striking contrast, creating an aesthetic that is nothing short of breathtaking.

Power that Thrills

Under the hood lies a 6.4L HEMI V8 crate motor, delivering an impressive 510HP that promises an exhilarating ride. This isn’t just a car; it’s a modern muscle powerhouse that commands the road.

Precision in Motion

Connected to the HEMI engine is a 5-speed overdrive automatic transmission, ensuring seamless gear shifts that enhance your driving experience. But that’s not all – this Charger is engineered for control.

Modern Upgrades for Optimal Performance

In addition to raw power, this Restomod offers precision and safety. With Rack & Pinion Power Steering and 4 Wheel Power Disc Brakes, you’ll experience unmatched agility and stopping power. Vintage Air keeps you cool on scorching summer days, and the Upgraded Suspension guarantees a smooth ride.

Wheels that Turn Heads

Rolling on a set of Magnum 500 Mag wheels wrapped in BF Goodrich Radial TA tires, this Charger not only performs exceptionally but also looks sensational while doing so.

A Cabin of Luxury

Step inside, and you’ll be greeted by a luxurious white interior that seamlessly blends classic muscle with modern technology. The front bucket seats, spacious rear bench, and center console provide ample room for you and your companions to enjoy the ride.

Modern Tech Meets Classic Charm

The dashboard features Dakota Digital Gauges, a Mopar 3-Spoke Rally Wheel, and Cruise Control, bringing modern convenience to the vintage aesthetics. The wood-trimmed dash adds a touch of elegance, making every drive an experience to remember.

Ready for the Spotlight

Whether you’re hitting the streets for a thrilling drive or showcasing this masterpiece at a car show, the Charger Restomod is ready to steal the spotlight and capture the hearts of onlookers.

Don’t miss the chance to experience the perfect fusion of classic charm and modern muscle. This Charger Restomod is more than a car; it’s a statement, a masterpiece, and a true testament to the beauty of automotive engineering.

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