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1. a metal that is made by mixing two or more metals, or a metal and another…

Second, elemental arsenic does not combust with copper in alloying as in the case of arsenic sulfide.

When this theme was alloyed with biblical morality, however, it was ethicized as a narrative of corruption and redemption.


Second, this type of treatment makes it possible to produce highly concentrated sur face alloys by pulsed melting of film- substrate systems.

Zirconium and its alloys are highly reactive toward oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen.

The study consists of the development of a new locomotion actuator based on shape memory alloys.

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Examples of applications are, amongst others, the motion of grain boundaries in alloys, phase transitions and image processing.

Changes also occurred in the assemblage, as smiths were able to craft harder and more durable awls and needles from the new alloys.

Such a conclusion may have practical implications relating to chemical deterioration of alloys.

We should also note that information regarding the melting of metals and alloys, as opposed to their freezing, is limited [2].

Such behaviour has important consequences for the solidification of alloys and is inexplicable by any theory constrained by the assumption of equilibrium thermodynamics.

The six characters become three pairs, each representing varying alloys of the serious and comic.

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Other ongoing effor ts include the continued evaluation of alloys for induction cores.

At the same time, a change of the alloy’s resistance because of phase changes makes control of the system easier.

Processing property relationships of aerospace materials such as aluminium alloys.

The piezoelectric effect is probably the favourite for actuators, but a whole range of other possibilities, including use of electrostatic and magnetostrictive effects, and of shape metal alloys, is considered.

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