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1. a consonant sound in which air is able to flow almost completely freely: 2…

If the nasal vowel was represented as monosegmental, one would expect it to be followed most often by the palatal approximant.

The items with an approximant have a longer friction duration.


What happens, in fact, is that the major par t of the approximant itself is devoiced.

Although amplitude is still relatively high, there is a greater reduction than in the case of weak approximant segments.

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However, it occurs only when the righthand environment is a high front vowel, an approximant, or a fricative.

Moreover, each local approximant has to be evaluated efficiently.

Replacing by a rational approximant the problem reduces to a periodic case and a similar picture is obtained.

The second difference between their patterns concerns the outcome of coalescence for stop+approximant clusters.

We have seen that stops followed by an approximant have a prolonged friction interval, and this is especially visible in the voiceless stop.

In this section we discuss a more flexible way to construct a greedy approximant.

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It is usually described as an approximant or a semivowel.

The first considers the production of 0 t 0 and 0d 0 in different vocalic or approximant contexts.

The two alveolar affricates and the alveolar approximant appeared later.

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