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1. notice, thought, or interest: 2. to make someone notice you: 3. to watch…

The 28 color photographs add to the explanations in the text, and the numerous diagrams and geologic maps, all in colour, deserve much attention.

To this end it is disappointing that the book has paid only scant attention to the psychological processes in the disorder.


The concept of value orientations has received much attention in sociological and psychological literature over the past forty years.

More recently however, increasing attention has been paid to the psychological aspects of space.

One possibility is that the capacity of focal attention differs for simultaneously available elements arrayed in space, and for representations encountered over time.

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The persistence of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder into young adulthood as a function of reporting source and definition of disorder.

A closely related proposal, to which we will not give separate attention, is that the two types of interests are not lexically ranked but incommensurable.

Future research should pay particular attention to the disruption of values, roles and social relationships.

The best way to elicit a schwa is to direct attention away from it and on to the stressed syllable of the word.

In order to avoid some technical details, for the hypergraph case we restrict our attention to the lower bound only.

The meaning of tables and figures and the argument in general demand close attention to the text, whose style tends to the abstract and convoluted.

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Special attention should be given to the checking of tables, mathematical formulae and figures.

This is of no theoretical interest and could be cured, for instance, by adding a warning feature drawing attention to skipped words.

Why we need to do these things is a question to which, sadly, they devote little attention.

This paper examines reactive focus on for m as a way of focusing students’ attention on their own output.

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