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breaking point


As the con-ict continued, and civilian casualties mounted, strains within the government increased almost to the breaking point.

It was one of the outlets that the local political culture allowed to desperate people who had reached the breaking point and could find no other remedy for their grievances.

This wildly unstable equilibrium between the communities strained communal relations to breaking point.

Where is the game-theoretic breaking point?

Unfortunately, his own dynastic policies would commit the army to military adventures that would test it to breaking point.

Space is dilated to a breaking point of what constitutes a safe and comfortable setback.

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But the 1830s are a useful breaking point for understanding the political culture of the early republic and the place of middling and educated women in that culture.

Of course, there must come times when you reach the breaking point, and that has been reached on occasions.

The consequence is that the reception areas are already badly overcrowded and many of the services provided are near breaking point.

I should not be surprised if many authorities are close to that breaking point.

Another method suggested is higher donations, but in this matter we have reached almost the breaking point of the generosity of those who give donations.

The verdict might very well be that 13 is a better breaking point.

Already it has been pointed out this afternoon we are near the breaking point.

That must not again be allowed to become a breaking point.

I know how well the people can take it, but there will come a breaking point unless there is better organisation.

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Translations of breaking point

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爆發點, 失控點, 極限…

in Chinese (Simplified)

爆发点, 失控点, 极限…

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