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1. as compared to something else: 2. as compared to something else:

They depict housing processes in relatively unfettered markets with comparatively few government regulations and direct intervention.

A relatively high threshold, say at 7.5 %, is likely to result in fewer parties gaining representation than where the threshold is comparatively lower.


Using this principle would result in treatment of comparatively fewer patients than using a straightforward utilitarian principle.

This group used comparatively simple answer extraction techniques, yet performed relatively well, especially in the 250-byte condition.

The facility prisoners indicated comparatively more difficulties with, or involving, movement.

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The comparatively narrow accent range of pitch elevations throughout the period of study confirmed these physiological, linguistic, and developmental expectations.

For reasons discussed in this article, these comparatively high rates have eased of late.

Beyond this, there were vast areas of the book world where the vernacular made comparatively little impact.

In contrast, market-based systems favor new ideas with high profit opportunities, and should therefore be comparatively specialized in new industries with disruptive technological change.

The targeting ligand is covalently coupled to the drug, making the efficiency of drug loading and uptake comparatively lower than in polymer- drug conjugates.

By the early 1990s, however, it had become widely accepted and the proposals met with comparatively limited opposition.

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Students who used the metacognitive strategies of self-evaluation and effective organization performed comparatively well in the test.

For this reason, core disagreement about legal norms will be comparatively rare.

Most knotty is women’s comparatively lesser public influence relative to men.

Many men of comparatively modest means appear, at least occasionally, as jurors.

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