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1. someone who advises people on a particular subject: 2. a specialist…

However, unlike the lawyer, neither consultant has to “represent” the unit.

A really successful ethical consultant should be able to provide some directions for further growth and development.


Let us consider briefly four scenarios that led to consultants producing such plans.

From a handful of scientific consultants and then the heads of struggling forestry administrations, the scientific enterprise had by the late 1940s enlarged considerably.

As it was increasingly difficult for the municipalities to get technical assistance from government in the 1970s, they had to rely on private consultants.

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The psychologist, who had been working closely with the ethics consultant, concurred in this opinion.

The ethics consultant outlined the ethical issues and made a recommendation.

Many of us who are ethics consultants have found that we have been called into a case because patterns of meaning have broken down.

It furthermore externalises social interventions to donors and their agencies, the oil companies and private consultants.

It is directed towards all practising teachers and teachers in training, as well as administrators, consultants and members of the public involved in language education.

Such an organization would also enable querying products and serve as a virtual consultant to researchers and individuals.

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The trained review radiographer initially ran it for 1 day a week, reviewing consultant-specific patients.

Other consultants, supporting their resident doctors, virtually stop all work, claiming that they cannot function in the absence of their residents.

However, trial-and-error experimentation, adaptation of past organizational configurations, and consultants’ intuitions, while potentially of some value, do not constitute a systematic engineering process.

This book examines the contribution that consultants, clinical and counselling psychologists can make to the lives of residents in long-term care settings.

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