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1. a building that contains law courts: 2. a building that contains law…

I round the curve beyond the courthouse where our divorce was final startle seeing a red pick-up.

That disturbing possibility loomed up repeatedly on courthouse steps across the state at the dawn of the new political order.


The ‘truth’ he sought in literature was not of police blotters and courthouse records.

The majority of divorced families (98%) were recruited through courthouse records identifying recently divorced families, followed by contact through the mail about participating.

Their direct action took them to welfare offices and city halls, to federal and state bureaucracies, and to county courthouses.

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The one almost universal exception was the county courthouse in which was located the polling place for what was usually the largest town in the county.

Twelve churches or chapels are located, as are banks, courthouses, hospitals, schools and treasuries.

Louisiana’s courthouse cliques and their landed sponsors demanded concrete evidence that their historic hammerlock on parochial government would continue.

In the courthouses and prisons this ephemeral mass was most successfully brought under colonial scrutiny, and as a result, criminality became synonymous with the floating population.

It is my firm belief that local justice should be meted out by local magistrates in local courthouses.

We believe that we have made some commonsense amendments to preserve certain coats of arms within historic courthouses.

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The issue of coats of arms in courthouses and the oaths taken by members of the judiciary goes right to the heart of that symbology.

Each system has its own separate courthouses and geographical areas of jurisdiction.

There is no proposal to close the courthouses that he has mentioned.

Magistrates, the police, defendants, witnesses and solicitors would all incur substantial additional costs if the courthouses were closed.

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