crop rotation

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1. a method of farming where a number of different plants are grown one after…

These practices may include cover crops, manures, compost, crop rotation, intercropping, and biological pest control.

Furthermore, crop rotation, and particularly no-till, promote diverse invertebrate populations, which play an important role in maintaining nutrient cycling and soil structure.


On the other hand, organic production techniques, particularly crop rotation, can reduce risk in the longer term.

Soil samples were collected from the same plots for the duration of one crop rotation cycle.

But obtaining a certificate required not only that one adopt techniques such as crop rotation, manuring and the building of field contours.

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Therefore, once a candidate crop is identified, it may be many years before the crop is ready to be included in a crop rotation.

The added fertilizer to the crop rotation is adjusted to allow spring barley to receive fertilizer too.

Commercial oats are often contaminated with wheat due to crop rotation, although oats prolamins are less toxic.

The two alternatives include continuous soybean and a crop rotation that includes winter wheat and soybean.

This study indicated that crop rotation and reduced tillage have a number of positive effects on the ecological sustainability of agroecosystems.

Farmers will select crops based on the return they get from each crop and other constraints, such as crop rotation, labor, or machine availability.

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The sustainability and productivity of the prevailing rotation are being compared with the sustainability and productivity of an improved high input and intensive crop rotation.

Subsequent trials were planted on a different patch of land following a pre-set crop rotation plan for each location.

As a result, a farmer who chooses to implement a long-term diversified crop rotation or other conservation practice assumes all the risks.

Effect of crop rotation and fertilization on maize and wheat yields and yield stability in a long term experiment.

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