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04:24 31/08/2021

The popular browser fan game for AoT

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  • What type of a game is Attack On Titan Tribute Game?

    The game is an action-adventure title based on the popular anime and manga franchise. The player is able to step into the shoes of the anime’s protagonists and do battle against all manner of colossal Titans.

  • Is Attack On Titan Tribute Game free to play?

    Yes, Attack On Titan Tribute Game is completely free to play: it has no purchase price, and no hidden costs needed to get at the extras. The creators made it as a labour of love, and any users will be able to jump on board without spending anything.


  • How can Attack On Titan Tribute Game be played?

    Attack On Titan Tribute Game is a browser game, and is designed to be played without downloading or installing any files. As is generally the case with browser games, it is best suited to quick casual play, and is ideal for players who simply want to pass the time rather than join an immersive experience.

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  • What aspects of the anime are included in Attack On Titan Tribute Game?

    The playable characters include fan-favourites from the show such as Eren, Levi and Mikasa, rendered in a cute, chibi style. The player’s opponents are the Titans, who come in a range of varieties including Jumpers and Crawlers. It is also possible for a player to control a Titan. The game’s combat system, focused on bringing down Titans using cables, is based on the anime’s fight scenes.

  • Is Attack on Titan Tribute Game officially-licensed?

    No. The game is a fan-made project, created without the involvement of Kodansha Comics, the publisher that owns the rights to the Attack on Titan manga series.

  • Can Attack On Titan Tribute Game be customised?

    Yes. Using mods, it is possible for the user to create their own maps, and to download and play maps made by other users. In addition, the game includes the option for the player to customise their own character, from physical appearance down to stats, rather than use any of the existing characters from the anime.

  • Does Attack On Titan Tribute Game have a multiplayer mode?

    Yes, the game has both solo and multiplayer modes. Using the latter, it is possible for multiple players to join forces and do battle against the Titans; or, alternatively, one player can take control of a Titan while the others control the human protagonists.

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  • What age range is Attack On Titan Tribute Game suitable for?

    Although it retains the somewhat macabre imagery of the anime, with grotesque-looking Titans, the game also makes use of a cuter style that softens the imagery: the effect is humorous rather than gruesome. Younger children should be generally comfortable with it.

  • Does Attack On Titan Tribute Game have its own online community?

    Yes, the game is the subject of a dedicated online community who share gameplay tactics, strategies, customised maps and more information about the game. This community overlaps with the anime and manga fandom. The official website includes a full forum.

  • How Popular is Attack On Titan Tribute Game amongst the anime’s fanbase?

    Although made by fans of the series, the game divides opinions amongst the anime’s wider fan base. Some fans see it is a fitting tribute, others find it a disappointment and would like to see a more sophisticated title. This is to be expected from fan-made games.

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