Examples of heads-up



Consider this a headsup for those looking to get ahead.

No flashy headsup displays for speed or altitude, either.

As you switch between them, a series of corresponding beeps will give you an audible headsup.

It acts the part, too, with a headsup display that makes a construction site an augmented reality playground.

Even a headsup display becomes less useful once your peripheral and near-peripheral vision is off-limits.

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They will then have to register online before driving their intended routes to essentially give highway operators a headsup that they qualify for the discount.

The wearable computer, for example, allows users to see email and maps right from its headsup display.

Everything is presented in a headsup display on the windshield.

Several automakers are experimenting with headsup displays and transforming the cabin into a more futuristic, sleek cockpit.

Then resist the urge to check your email during the game, but you might want to give your workplace a headsup first.

I’ll pick up a headsup penny as long as it’s not lying in anything gross.

It’s reminiscent of a fighter jet headsup display.

It also will work seamlessly with smartpens, headsup displays and smartwatches.

Some of the people who were giving me a headsup about the nasty posts that cops were sharing were cops themselves.

All five of the ideas — though we’re partial to the headsup display — use data from open street and cycling maps.

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Translations of heads-up

in Chinese (Traditional)

小心,注意(用於提醒某事要發生), 有關形勢(或計畫)發展狀況的講話(或聲明)…

in Chinese (Simplified)

小心,注意(用于提醒某事要发生), 有关形势(或计划)发展状况的讲话(或声明)…

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