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1. relating to the time before, during, and after a surgical operation: 2…

Refinements in operative technique and perioperative management have been largely responsible for this improved outlook.

A meta-analysis of perioperative beta-blockade: what is the actual risk reduction?


Nearly half (48.1%) of the incidents were reported in emergency and perioperative, and surgical divisions.

In some centres the fenestration is closed in the early perioperative period while in others it is not closed at all.

To investigate the biological and toxic effects of perioperative therapy.

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The 10 meta-analyses consisted of technologies to reduce the need for perioperative red blood cell transfusion.

The 10-yearly perioperative mortality (catheter balloon valvotomy not included) declined steadily from 11% in updating to 8% in updating.

Influence of endocrine-related factors on response to perioperative chemotherapy for patients with node-negative breast cancer.

Records were reviewed retrospectively for the collection of pre- and perioperative data.

Perioperative mortality has been 0% for updating.

Deaths were mainly due to hemodynamic deterioration (17/32, 53%), was perioperative (9/ 32, 28%) or occurred late and suddenly (5/32, 16%).

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Five patients with tubular or complex lesions were treated surgically with two perioperative deaths.

The sequence of surgical management has no impact on the outcome and perioperative morbidity.

In this study, we reviewed our experience concerning the underlying morphology of the disease and perioperative morbitity and mortality at our institution.

More perioperative complications with increased length of stay were reported after suburethral slings than after needle suspension.

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