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1. (of a woman and some female animals) having a baby or babies developing…

This may be helpful when preparing a pregnant patient for transition from coumadin to heparin.

Perinatal infection was defined as culture-confirmed infection in a pregnant woman or a newborn.


For ambulatory patients (children or pregnant women), teleconsultations were more costly.

The other half of the sample were still going steady at the time that the woman discovered she was pregnant.

Again this provides evidence that more rural than urban women get pregnant soon after marriage.

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Linked with marriage statistics subsequent to the census date, the estimates can provide approximations to marriage rates of pregnant and/or non-pregnant non-married women.

For the women continuing, there were only eleven (28 %) making their first hospital visit by the time they were 14 weeks pregnant.

Women with other than trivial complaints were excluded from further participation, as were those who took oestrogens or progestins and those who became pregnant.

However, these estimates rely heavily on studies involving pregnant women.

There is also particular attention to categories of patient such as prepubertal children, adolescents, males and pregnant women.

However, in the pregnant ewe a more progressive infection may establish in the gravid uterus.

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She has referred two pregnant women to us, and we see her most days at the surgery.

Of the 134 women over the age of 45 years, 21 (15*7 %) had never been pregnant.

First, women who have never been pregnant are likely to be contraceptive drifters, probably because their assessment of the probability of pregnancy is unrealistic.

Following that decision, an unprecedented campaign was launched by consumers (pregnant women), interested providers of care, and the mass media (6).

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