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11:57 29/08/2021

RapeLay is a very adult kind of game that has very heavy sexual themes so this is a game that is not for everyone. Great adult game with XXX freedom.

Let me start this review by saying that I do not condone the content of RapeLay at all. It is one of the most controversial games ever made and as a result and the main theme of sexual assault I suggest you think before you try RapeLay.

A Very Dark Story

I think the best way to describe RapeLay is that of a visual novel style game. It is all about its story and this is one of the darkest and twisted stories that I have ever encountered in a video game. While most of the controversy that surrounded this game was all to do with the theme of rape and assault. I will play devil’s advocate here and say that it is actually a twisted revenge story as well. It actually reminded me of The Last House on the Left which is a pretty messed up movie. I think that RapeLay is similar in tone to that movie.


You Care About The Girls

The game is about a man called Masaya Kimura who assaults a woman and is then reported by the police by the young, Aoi Kiryū. Unfortunately, Masaya has some high connections and he is released right away from prison. He decides he is going to get revenge on the whole Kiryū family and starts stalking them.

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What Gameplay?

In terms of actual gameplay, the whole game is pretty much controlled with the mouse. There is not much in the way of gameplay in RapeLay, but to be honest with you I would not really want to have much more control over Masaya’s actions than I already do. While you are playing as the villain I do think that the game’s biggest strength is making you feel for the three women who he is stalking and assaulting. Once you finish the game there is also a free play option.

How Does It End?

They have put two different endings in the game and neither one of them is what I would class as a happy ending. One is more twisted than the other if you ask me, but you get each ending by doing something different in the game so there is a bit of replay value here. I would imagine though that most people who play this out of some kind of curiosity

Sick Presentation

RapeLay is made with a fairly impressive 3D engine the character models look pretty good, but they are not super realistic. I think this is actually better as I think it would make playing the game even more uncomfortable than it already is if the character models looked better than they do. It is really hard to praise the presentation in a game like this, but I do feel that it is as good as it probably could have been.

RapeLay is not an easy game to recommend to people giving its horrific subject matter. Make no bones about it, what happens in this game is shocking and if you are easily offended I highly suggest that you stay away. The story is not bad, but I feel that it should have had an ending where there was a better redemption for the ladies.

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  • There is actually a story here
  • Some replay value
  • Is like a horror/revenge type movie


  • The subject matter is horrible
  • Very hard to recommend to people


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