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1. to provide food or drinks: 2. to work for; to do your duty to: 3. to help…

This evidence suggests that planning and control each serve a specialized purpose utilizing distinct visual representations.

The possibility remains, however, that the pamphlet was not used in performance but served a purely symbolic purpose.


And finally, what purposes (psychological, social, cultural) does such canon formation serve?

The teachers, as working women who were active in civic affairs, served as role models to the pupils.

It is not clear how dynamical systems serve as a psychological explanation as opposed to a complex description of behavior.

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When the server starts up, it parses the configuration file, and if there are no errors found, immediately starts serving requests.

Often, the legal system (and/or its functionaries) serves as a barrier to any proper resolution of the questions surrounding the narrative and plot structure.

The core of the material is presented in sufficient detail that the survey may serve as a text for teaching constrained global optimization.

Our paper served to report about specific systems, a composition, and a performance.

The notion of “change over time” in dream content (from ancestral themes to current themes) is problematic because such change would serve no obvious function.

Along with fundoscopy, individual color spaces may serve for monitoring early functional changes and thereby to support a treatment strategy.

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In fact, the controlled laboratory events that served as the mnemonic targets of this investigation were relatively pedestrian.

This is a reasonable assumption because individual trees serving as parents are usually selected randomly from natural populations.

The differences in the contexts in which these vessels were used indicate that they varied in their suitability to serve in social strategies.

The food is typically served only after any business, such as praying, is complete, and only then is there much conversation.

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