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1. agreement between and support for the members of a group, especially a…

The latter response is reinforced in us by our obligation to stand in solidarity with victims of wrongdoing against those who have wronged them.

As the structural dimension of solidarity had not strengthened, it was not surprising that the third hypotheses also had to be rejected.


In terms of solidarity, the free rider has two options.

In the absence of powerful dissenting voices, they have even been able to present this as a form of solidarity with the ‘socially excluded’.

Religious solidarity and national identity are thus forced into exclusive paradigms, which do not recognise the different narratives within each ideology.

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A positive politeness strategy highlights involvement, solidarity, and common membership, which are the essence of intimacy.

The relationship will not always exclude maintenance of traditional clientelistic ties or ethnic solidarity.

The motivation is more to do with protecting the inherited connection between social solidarity and national sovereignty.

However, future studies offer the potential to compare the effects of, for example, civic duty, neighbourhood solidarity and close election messages.

In reality, a great number of households depend on both a good monetary income and a functional solidarity system inside and outside the home.

Prebendalism is essentially a system of shared identity and social solidarity expressing itself through a circuit which concentrates and redistributes income.

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It is perhaps in some forms of cognitive speech that the individual exhibits his solidarity both corporeal and psychical at its highest.

They then use this model in crafting their solidarity activities and in dispensing resources.

Each individual is integrated into various networks, each of which entails solidarities and therefore corresponding pressures.

But rather than allowing the divergence to threaten the solidarity of such ties, women in the grandparent generation reconcile themselves to the younger generation’s values.

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