Sonic 3D Blast

07:18 01/09/2021

Sonic is transformed once again into an enjoyable 3D game

Softonic review

Sonic is transformed once again into an enjoyable 3D game

Sonic 3D Blast is a faithful emulation of the original Sega game. You will of course remember Sonic, the cool blue porcupine, who has to run around in a 3D world to collect rings, kill robots by jumping over their heads and, most important of all, gathering up the furry animals you meet during the game to free them.


When you have collected five of them, you’ll need to run in the big teleport ring, which will bring you to the next level, of which there are fourteen. As you proceed through the game you might also encounter Knuckles and Tails, the other two well-known characters of the story, which will bring you to bonus stage for extra ring-points.

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Although it’s a classic game, it will take you a while to get use to the 3D movements if you are used to play to the 2D version. The playability is good, and it’s a good game for passing some time, whose 3D fluidity reminds you of Marble Madness.

If you were a fan of Sonic, it’s worth trying this 3D adventure, which, although isn’t exactly cutting-edge, is still an entertaining game which will help you roll back the years.

Author’s review

The storyline of Sonic 3D is as follows: Sonic goes to visit his friends, the Flickies, on Flicky Island. He gets a surprise when he arrives, though. That evil Doctor Robotnik has surfaced again and is using the special location-warping powers of the Flickies in his never ending quest for the Chaos Emeralds. Turns out that the Flickies posses the power, when grouped in fives, to warp from location to location using ring portals. Sonic decides to free his friends from Robotnik and crush the madman’s ambitions.

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Released two years after the Sonic series ran out of gas, 3D Blast attempted to transition Sonic into the 3D universe. This is by far the most technically superior Sonic, but also the least fun! Graphically, it’s a visual masterpiece; perhaps the best looking Genesis game ever. Inspired by games like Marble Madness, the 3D multi-tiered landscapes are lush, clean, and detailed. The high-resolution 3D characters are animated smoothly, and the seven zones are inspired by the original Sonic games.


  • Features 14 levels
  • Variety of power-ups
  • Hidden bonus levels
  • New environmental effects
  • New Blast Attack


  • Faithful to the original 3D game


  • Movements are not so easy or immediate as you would like


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