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1. the right to use land or live in a building in exchange for rent 2. the…

The growth of multiple tenancies was itself the product of aristocratic competition for good service, and the competition of their tenants for good lordship.

There have been recent increases in the extent to which tenancies are registered in the names of both parties, again of benefit to the woman.


In order to revive private renting, rents were deregulated on new tenancies.

Closely akin to leaseholds, and like them classed as personal interests in land, are tenancies at will and at sufferance.

They also sought to change permanent and heritable tenancies to leaseholds for lives and years, and then for fixed terms.

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Except on newly enclosed lands, yearly tenancies were the norm from the later seventeenth century, and this continued until after 1870.

First, the granting of the same estates to more than one beneficiary (‘double grants’), and secondly the creation of mesne tenancies.

In the case of the creation of mesne tenancies, relations between mesne and sitting tenants could be uneasy.

The largest segment of the poor, the contadini, ‘owned no land and scrambled to enter into tenancies’.

Compared with the assured tenancies, they have a considerable degree of security of tenure and greater secured rights of succession.

With assured tenancies, the landlord can increase rents every six months according to the market rates.

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By 1999/2000 there were over 150,000 regulated tenancies, just seven per cent of the total.

By 1951, private tenancies, albeit still the most common form of tenure, were down to 45 per cent of the total stock.

Ten of the 17 whose tenancies failed were subsequently traced and interviewed.

While 59 per cent of all tenancies were regulated in 1988, they decreased to a third in 1990 and 19 per cent in 1993.

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