theme park

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1. a large permanent area for public entertainment, with entertaining…

Yet the landscape garden was much more than an eighteenth-century theme park.

What was less clear was how to move on after the failure of the theme park.


Travel operators warned that it was overpriced, and that the organizers had oversold what the theme park had to offer.

The architectural mercenaries of the commercial world entertain their clients and patrons with theme park architectures.

After having specified a task-oriented query such as ‘go to theme park‘ a list of tasks that match this query is sent to the mobile device.

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This pattern of change creates its own problems and patterns with, at night, the city resembling a form of urban drive-in theme park with its own, semi-forbidden, attractions.

Variations on a theme park, 154 -80.

It regards the countryside as a place to visit at the weekend and as a theme park where the sun always shines.

In fact, the plaintiff has constantly made further complaints as the project for the theme park has progressed.

I have received representations from various organisations from the leisure industry, including theme park operators.

Those who believe that we can protect the countryside by turning it into a rural theme park are wrong.

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The countryside should not be allowed to decay or to be turned into a museum or indeed a theme park.

They need a crowd-puller such as a theme park.

It also has the second largest and most popular theme park in the country.

We want a working and living community, not a theme park.

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