turn up

04:45 31/08/2021

1. If a better situation or an opportunity to do something turns up, it happens…

Dummying out this period changes the detailed form of the relationship but not the low-popularity turnup (plot not reported).

In 1996–97 223,000 patients failed to turnup for in-patient treatment.


That is certainly a turnup for the book.

It is something of a turnup for the books.

The process will interfere dreadfully, possibly terminally, with the turnup-and-go system that is essential to the ferries’ survival in competition with the channel tunnel shuttle.

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I believe that the turnup will be more rapid, and greater, than many forecasters expect.

With any turnup in the economy, this becomes fairly clear even on the most pragmatic and commercial grounds.

It is rather a turnup for the books.

In revenue terms there has been a turnup, allowing for the effects of inflation.

Well, that will certainly be a turnup for the book.

That is a turnup for the book, and the articles are well worth reading.

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I believe that the future is bright, that the turnup will come.

We need more flexibility so that operators can develop turnup-and-go services without having contracts in place.

I just wish that we had one in central government—that would be a turnup for the book.

That might be a turnup for the book.

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