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1. one of the small bones that form the spine (= back bone) 2. one of the small…

These projections are small ribs that have become fused on to the side of the vertebra.

There are compression fractures of the ninth thoracic through second lumbar vertebrae.


Further discovery of more complete material, especially skull and vertebrae, could lead to a revision of this tentative interpretation.

Although there are no preserved vertebrae, it is probable that the first pterygiophore inserted anterior to the first neural spine.

The spines at the rear of the cervical vertebrae are quite short.

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At the level of the sixth thoracic vertebra, a large artery supplied the left lingula and lower lobe pulmonary arteries.

Six fused vertebrae are present, and the first would originally have borne a free rib.

Films were slightly better although visualising vertebrae was still difficult.

The vertebra has a neural canal less than half the diameter of the centrum.

On either side of each vertebra are small projections that enclose an opening.

The separation of vertebrae into caudal and precaudal portions appears rather problematic.

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Since all 17 skulls were associated with cervical vertebrae, and in some cases with hyoid bones, the heads evidently were fresh when they were interred.

The next stage is, typically, biconcave vertebrae, then wedge-shaped vertebral bodies and, finally, complete compression fractures.

It opposes the cricoid cartilage against the cervical vertebrae, compressing the lumen of the upper oesophagus.

There are five sacral ribs and five fused vertebrae.

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