Zippo Armor High Polish Brass Pocket Lighter

04:48 17/10/2021

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3.0 out of 5 stars MADE IN USA but came with scruffs – read Updates

By Matt K on October 1, 2020

UPDATE 3: Less than a month owned and used it only 4 times. Have not dropped it nor scrapped it. Kept in pocket in a pouch with my cigar cutter.

Case has some severe blemishes. Refer to photos.


UPDATE 2: Lowered another star down to 3. Look at two pictures that show the lighter open. On one the insert is pressed down and on another its popped up. Over time the insert pushes upward. I believe this is due to the “click” switch catching on to the brass cover when opening and closing. The mark and indentations can be seen on the last photo. It digs into the cover and this causes friction to slightly pull it out of the case. This results in a rough closing of the cover when it should be smooth.

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UPDATE: Lowered a star. There are indentations where the insert clicks as well as on the body. Refer to picture.

For the price and the brand, the Zippo lighter is a good deal. I bought it with the Zippo Butane insert. I have no plans on using the included insert but I had no choice but to buy it with the case. It was easy to remove the soft flame insert. Simply upwards and it comes out.

The case itself came with several scruffs on it. I was a bit surprised since it is MADE IN USA and would have thought that the packaging of the item would have been done with the utmost care.

For this reason, I gave it a 3/5 stars for gifting. If you want a nice and presentable gift, you may want to steer clear from this lighter. If looks aren’t a factor, this is a good gift. It’s cheap and a well known brand. The lighter is bound to get scratches if jangled in the pocket with keyes so if your recipient doesn’t care then that’s no problem.

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Since this item was for myself, I still gave the lighter 5 Stars. MADE IN USA was a big reason for my purchase and even with the minor issues, I’d still rather pay American. [external_footer]

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